Thursday, 26 August 2010

Stew D'Oh!

I'll be back soon.
I'm trying to set up my recording studio.
It's taking time.
And concentration.
And time.
(Did ya see what I did there? 'Stew D'Oh'?)

I have all the pieces,
I've had 'em for a while.
Putting everything together is a pain,
AND a blast!
The manual is MASSIVE!
And leads and wires all over the place!
One page at a time 'Sweet Jeebus'!
But we're getting places.
Only 467 pages to go.
(I did manage to record 6 songs so far!)
Now, how to mix, and master!
Watch out world, gaurd your ears,
For a new sound beckons!



  1. When? WHEN?! I demand to know.

    Al Hirschfeld! Keep his art alive.

  2. i could use some new sounds, sugar! ;~) xoxoxoxox

  3. YES!!!!

    It's about time. Now you MUST post some of your tunes on here... or on youtube... you have an adoring captive audience here, Map!!!

    Besides, Hope and I need to know what you sound like so we can do our PR gig properly. ;-)

  4. That's the spirit! Keep at it- it'll be great!

  5. so.. mr map.. you say you have a recording studio... Do you like whiskey at all? ;-)

  6. Don't trip over anything, man, and make sure everything is plugged in. This is the voice of experience speaking.

  7. I'm eagerly awaiting the chance to hear some of these tunes :)

  8. FANTASTIC!!! we all wait with baited breath! and only 467 more pages - gee, you'll be done in no time at all! congratulations, map!!!

  9. UB; Soon. SOON!
    No pictures please! :¬)

    sav; Well, maybe not new as such, just different? :¬)


  10. Pon; I know, I KNOW! Jeez I hate all this fame crap. Papparazzi bastards! :¬)


    Pat; Thanks, I will. I'm really trying to get my teeth into this! :¬)


  11. the watercats; I say 'recording studio', it's really just a nice piece of recording kit in my extension/den/teenager hangout! But it's quite a nifty piece of kit! (I'm not allowed whiskey, it does stuff to me heid!) :¬)


    Charlie; I want tales of your experiences! :¬)

  12. Kim; So am I! I'm still figuring out that bit! I'll get there. I know you have posted 'sound clips' on your blog, you will have to let me know how to do that. :¬)

    GYPSYWOMAN; Thanks, patience is indeed a virtue! :¬)

  13. Leah; Exciting yes, and fun! :¬)


  14. Whiskey with or without an E is meant to be shared by friends. Have faith in yourself in whatever you do. Others already have.

  15. I don't know whether you ever came across The Storytellers Blog - a project me and a few others had running for a few months before apathy took over a couple of years ago.

    Anyway, I put up releatively comprehensive instructions on there about how to create audio blogs.

    It can be found here

    Although feel free to email if you have any questions

  16. Warden; I lied. There ARE times when I drink whisk(e)y. Those times are few and far between, and always in the company of certain friends. :¬)

    Kim; Thanks. I'm off to learn. :¬)

  17. Pon's right: can't do a decent P.R. campaign without advanced previews.

    Don't worry about the paparazzi...that's why you hired me. I'm short enough to whack their knees, grab the cameras when they drop them and leave without being noticed. Now if Pon wants to pawn what I catch, that's up to her...after all, our P.R. firm is without deep pockets right now. :)