Saturday, 21 August 2010

More Celebrations.

The youngest is 12 today.
(I still think of her as the baby!)

She celebrated yesterday by throwing a cookery party with a group of her best buddies.
The house was a bit mad for a while, but they were having a grand ol' time.

Helena had been planning it for a few weeks, so I'm really glad it all went off well.
Everybody got to make lots of sweet and savoury goodies, and what they didn't eat for the party they got to take home.

(They did leave some goodies for me though!)

It all go in Chéz Map this week!

Happy Sunday all.


  1. It's been an extraordinary five days for the Map household. I hope you know you can't sustain this level of excitement and activity indefinitely. It could cause everyone to implode!

  2. how absolutely delicious! happy belated birthday to your dear girl! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. and is 'the house was a bit mad' parent speak for 'Im going to the attic with a six pack..come get me when theyre all gone'?

  4. Having lots of kids cooking in your house!!! your a braver man than me

  5. Happy Birthday Youngest!
    What a festive time you are having. You'll never be bored or hungry with all your girls.

  6. A great week
    12---hmm---going on 25 ?

  7. happy happy birthday to the almost-teenager!!! ;)

    and what beautifully yummy goodies!!!

  8. What will you do when your household has to experience just a "normal" week? :)

    Happy Birthday to your Baby Girl...may she have many more.

  9. Happy Birthday to the not so wee lass!
    Hope she had a great day :)

  10. Oh my! What a madhouse that must have been!!!

    A very Happy Birthday to the sweet Helena. Sorry I am a bit late but haven't been online much.

    Glad to hear they had fun and that YOU survived!! ;-)