Sunday, 13 June 2010

Some People Think I Post Too Many YOOTOOBS! Well Fook Me!

I earn my living as an entertainer.
It's not an easy job.
But then again, I don't have a job.
I have a way of life.
And I get paid for it.
I am a very lucky man.
Like a lot of other people, some days are good, some days are not.
But the good days are very, very good.
And a happy man comes home to his family after a 'days' work!
I may never be a star in the global sense.
But that doesn't matter to me.
I get all the adoration I need at home.

I Think Gaz looks like Pa!
(Only KateNap will get this!)


  1. catchy tune, sugar! ;~D xoxoxoxox

  2. sav; Ta missus, I've edited since you commented! :¬)


  3. i noticed, that's why i dropped back by, bubba! xoxoxoxoxoxoo

  4. sav; now I think I'm kinda gettin' ta like that term of endearment! But only 'cos it comes from y'all! :¬)


  5. Map, you've exposed me to some music I would probably have never heard if it weren't for the youtubes you post! So I, for one, am quite happy to watch the vids you stick up here. ;-) xoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. Pon; Ta very much! See, I might not be saving the world, but I do make some people tap their feet now and then! :¬)


  7. Post what you want Map.It's your blog, if we dont like it..well...stuff us! LOL

  8. Eileen; Merci beaucoup! :¬)


    Tempo; Ta pal! :¬)

  9. After 5 years of Blogging, what I have learned is I have to blog about what I would like to see/read on a blog. And then those who share my tastes stick around and those who don't wander off.

    And there are plenty who only comment on occasional blog posts, even though I know they read most of them.

    But you'll probably find you get more comemnts when you post about you, your life, your loves and your loses, than when you just stick up a Youtube video - because it's you, Map, that we come to read about :)

  10. I like that: "I don't have a job I have a way of life." I give you props for living that way. I've thought about going that way but haven't gotten up the nerve to yet.
    The tun you posted: I like but unfortunately I can't hear that song without thinking of that movie "Clueless." It's not an association I'm proud of, but there it is.

  11. In reference to the reference: I am weak.

  12. Kim; Thank you sir. :¬)

    Scott; It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to turn my hobby into a way of earning a living! (and some weeks are still 'lean'), but I love what I do!

    (I've not seen 'Clueless', is that a good thing?) :¬)

    Kate; :¬)

  13. It is catchy, that's for sure. :)

    "Clueless" was an older movie with Alicia Silverstone in it...right after she "starred" in a few of Aerosmith's videos.

    Hey, it's a music reference, if a stretch. :) Post as you like, Pon and I are taking notes for YOUR P.R. turn.

  14. hope; Thanks for the info missus! (And yes, keep taking notes!)

    btw, 'Pa' is KateNap's latest bo! (And he DOES look quite like Gaz!)

  15. Well, I like the yoo toobs. And I am more than a little jealous that you don't have to park your ass in a desk day after day.

  16. Hey mate, you post what you like---I'll keep coming here til I come there and have those pints.
    You are a star---a star to your family and anyone who can ply their trade in public is well liked.
    I for one am proud to be able to say--"I know that bloke"

  17. UB; I was never a desk man, spent a lot of my working life as a long-distance courier. Loved the driving and the solitude, with only my CD's and the radio for company while I drove the four corners of this fine land! But the long hours, crap roads and crap road-users eventually got to me! (I did do a 13 year stint on 3-cycle shift in a factory though, making floppy disks! Aaah floppies!) :¬)

    Clyde; Thanks mate! And I look forward to the day you can step up to the bar in my local and get your round in pal! :¬)