Tuesday, 30 September 2014

call me

Ma and the paedophile are still friends. He calls her on the phone everyday. Sometimes I am in the room when he calls and I have to excuse myself. She tells me he gives a lot of money to various charities.... blah, blah, blah...

I think she knows now that he was up to 'something' back then, but says that everyone thought he was just being affectionate and loving 'cos he had no kids of his own. He was being more than that to one of her kids. My brother has never admitted this to me but he has told my wife.

Tonight Ma was in one of her moods and told me I never phone her (I don't because I prefer to visit, which I do every other day.) It makes my blood boil when she tells me 'he' calls her everyday and her own son can't do the same. My brother, for his own reasons, doesn't want her to know what happened, and I have to respect that. But I come so close sometimes, times like tonight.


  1. That's a tough secret to hold on to, but I understand your brother's wishes. Still, it would be good for this character to get his just desserts - somehow.

  2. As a member of the Keeper of the Family Secrets club, I know how hard it is to keep silent when you know more of the story than the other person. I've had to bite my tongue more than once because something told to me in confidence wants to boil over and "correct" things. I keep biting out of respect for the person who confided and because I know it will make me feel good for about 10 seconds, then miserable for years. I admire you for taking the high road, cause I know how steep that climb can be. xx

  3. Oh holy crap. That's such a tough situation to be in. For you AND your brother. Maybe on the days you don't go visit, you should call, and then you can tell her that you do both? I don't know what the resolution to this situation could be. Although the services of a certain former type of Glaswegian comes to mind...

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    1. Where would I be without ya pal? There isn't a day passes I don't hear your words, your voice.

  5. Hmm I understand. Totally. I have a secret about my brother that I can't tell my mother either, but when she sings his praises and tells me I'm a useless bastard, I get so close to telling my mother what my brother is really like. My dad is nearly at the end of his life, he's been an amazing dad to both of us, and yet my brother hasn't travelled from Yorkshire to see him for the last year and a half. Still they think the sun shines out of his arse.