Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Ma hates me right now, but I'll get over it.
My best friend is having the worst time of his life. But he's been there before and I've been there for him. He'll get over it.
Sometimes I think we get out of situations we have no control over better than the ones we do, just for that very reason.
Ma will love me again tomorrow,  my pal will cope and get on with his life, the world will turn, turn, turn.
Herself's car died, I always hated French cars.


  1. Yeah, life has a way of throwing curve balls. Some you bunt and some you hit out of the park. Others are just a swing and a miss, but there's always another coming along to try and so you just keep on playing.


  2. It's easier to ride a train than to drive one... and what is a roller coaster, without any hills or valleys? a commuter train. i believe we have to ride through the lows in order to appreciate the highs....

    here's hoping you and yours have better days ahead... and as the train sails through the fast bits, you can feel that wind whipping through your hair... oh... yeah.... right...

  3. I'm not a great fan of anything French. :D

    My Mum hates me most of the time, and she never seems to get over it, but I've learnt to.

  4. What do the French know about automotives? Hope you learned your lesson.

    Saw a play last night by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh. The Irish brogue so thick that I missed a few lines. I could have used you as interpreter.

  5. Ha! You are right about getting out of situations that our out of our control as opposed to those we are supposedly controlling.
    Maybe thinking on our feet and off the cuff is easier.

  6. I know that feeling all too well, but it makes life interesting. Annoying, tiring and wanting to throw things occasionally, but it makes you appreciate the good times even more.

    Here's wishing you good times...SOON! x

  7. Just keep on hanging on - as the song says. We managed perfectly well without a car back in the day. I feel fitter and calmer since I got rid of mine.