Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hearts & Minds

So, we're doing this wedding in a week or so and the bride asks if we can sing 'A Rainy Night In Soho' for the first song? YES PLEASE!!  I quite like the Pogues  thank you miss bride to be.

But!! Then she sends a text... 'my cousin will be at the wedding, he plays the fiddle, would it be OK if he played with ye on the first song? You might have heard of him, John Sheahan?
Yes, that would be FUCKING OK!!!!!! (I didn't say that! BUT A member of the world famous Dubliners on the same stage with me???)

I phoned the Ma last night (from Letterkenny) to ask how she was getting on in hospital. She told me she was getting a heart transplant! I nearly dropped me pint! Turns out she's having a pacemaker fitted (at the age of 88!)


  1. perfect, bubba! how exciting for all y'all! good news about our mama! i wish her well! xoxoxoxo

  2. The last time you impressed me was back in 1976 when you fought Mary Donnelly in the playground at St. Aidens primary after a year or so of her taking your lunch money. I recall a lot of hair pulling, face slapping and high pitched screaming and many tears. She got in a few odd punches too, although in fairness she was helpless with laughter at the time. Since then you have been a disappointment to us all, especially after the dropped tray incident and the broken lawnmowers (3 in total) that are borrowed never to be seen again. All this has now changed. This very night your name is being spoken by men who were raised on the music by the legendary Dubliners. We are proud. You will be on stage with a very talented man indeed. What an honour for you and the fellas, eh? This will be your chance to redeem yourself. Try not to feck it up for once.

    On a more serious note, it goes without saying that Siobhan and masel are sorry to hear of your ma's troubles, do pass on the fact that the right words are being uttered at the mass both here and back home by my brood. We wish you and yours ovur best wishes and a speedy recovery to the lady herself.

  3. Sounds like you have been having a few heart stopping moments of your own.... and I'm kind of excited on your behalf regarding this upcoming gig.

  4. Wow! Which pretty much sums up everything you reported.

    Congrats to you...the man should feel honored to be on a stage with YOU.

    My grandma had a pacemaker put in at 93! It is amazing what modern medicine can do. But it still won't be as good as the hug I'm sending for you to give Ma. :)