Monday, 5 August 2013

The Ma, Mam, Mama, Maaaaaaaaaaam!

She doesn't like it.
Being called 'Ma'!
We do it just to annoy her.
She prefers 'Mam', or 'Mama'.
So we call her 'Ma'!
Cos she annoys the fuck out of us.
Always has, always will!
Ma is 88 today.
I offered to have a party in my gaff for her, but she said "Why would I want a party? I don't drink whiskey anymore!"
I said "OK, but WE DO!!"
She (who must be obeyed!) may or may not let us know if she will have a party!
I love her anyhoo!

Happy Birthday Ma, I LOVE YOU!  :)


  1. 88. One for each key. Okay, then. A toast to Mam. Time to stop picking on her.

  2. A Very Happy Birthday to your Mam! (I called my mum 'Ma' to annoy her too, only it didn't work.) So the annoying ability runs in the family then, does it? ;-) xoxoxo

  3. Many happy returns to Mama Maps!!!

  4. Then I'll put an American twist on it and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

    Hey, you should show her a little respect on her day, right? :)

  5. Bad boy!
    I hope Mum had a lovely day.
    We once overheard my mother telling someone:
    'Your children are a great disappointment to you!'
    We never let her forget it!