Friday, 1 March 2013

First Fire

In a New Joisey accent:

Spring is sprung
Da grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies iz
Da little boids is on da wing
Ain't dat absoid
Da little wings is on da boid 

Tonight we lit the first fire of the year, meself and me pal, out the back of his house.
His wife commented, 'the man-dates have started!'
Such a dry cold night, stars clear in the sky, perfect for a 'man-date' in my opinion.

I was dressed for the cold, (red tartan lumber jacket over a fleece shirt, and me hat, the one I always wear, the 'Stew' hat I'm famous for), like a 'duck-hunter from Canadia' as me pal put it'. He was still in his winter work-gear.
Blazing fire, cans of beer, cold night air, radio playing, talk of football. Perfect.
Easy to keep guys happy eh? Who needs fancy bars? A few logs, warm clothes, alky hole, chat.

Many silent gaps, just staring into the flames, listening to the music, (Isn't it great how men can spend good time together without having to talk?) then suddenly remembering old times, loud laughs, more silence, sparks from the fire. Hotdogs (me pal is a 'merican citzen!) More beer, more laughs.

Most enjoyable night, most enjoyable!


  1. Aye, I know where you are coming fae pal. A poignant moment just staring into the flames. It reminds me of the last time that I was in a nightclub. If only the guy had paid back the money on time, eh?

    The duck Hunter.... visions of Robert De Niro sprang to mind, but in a cartoon format.

  2. I love watching a fire..but here in OZ especially right now we have no fires at all (fires are totally banned Spring through to Autumn) ..anyway, much to hot for any kind of fire

  3. It will be a while yet before there are any fires in the fire pit in my yard... everything is buried under three feet of snow still!

    But I look forward to doing just what you're doing... minus the beer and perhaps with a vodka drink in hand.

    Even in the heat of summer, nothing beats a nice crackling fire. I've spent many an evening enjoying a few bevvies with friends around the fire, doing what you're doing... minus the duck hunter hat. ;-)


  4. Technically, that's a Brooklyn accent.

  5. Tempo; So I've heard pal, I have family there. Perfect cold night her for it though. :¬)

  6. Pon; Nowt wrong with vodka my friend, perfect for thecold weather! :¬)


  7. UB; It's MY post, and I'll pick the accent, ok? :¬)

  8. sav; Sláinte missus, I'll be raising a glass for the anniversary! :¬)


  9. Good friends understand the joy of "comfortable silence". A nice fire is a bonus. :)

  10. hope; Yes, that comfortable silence IS the sign of a good friend! :¬)