Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tall Pal Long Pockets

Funny how Jimmy always has a 'bladder moment' just before it's his shout!

I'll forgive the bastid (AGAIN!) being the night that's in it.

Now sing along ya big yin!

Fields Of Athenry <--CLICK!!


  1. lovely, bubba! and then, to see charlie's comment from a year ago. *sigh* here's to our friends. xoxoxoxo

  2. Ah c'mon now Máirtín, too be fair he stood the biggest round of the night just before midnight at Jinty McGinty's when everyone was in fine Gaelic voice after such a pure dead brilliant result. Was it not yerself that was outside hobnobbing with Subo after her live performance before the kick-off?

    I heard you masel asking her about how you could hit the high notes without squeezing your own plums.
    She was heard to say "aye... and they think I'm feckin mad!"

    On three occasions Sean Flaherty and Paul the plumber told us that she was holding your hair while you were being sick in the ladies lavatory with the drink. It's all very well being used to the bed in Limerick after a four hour session, but this is Glasgow, here when we nip out for a wee swally we can be gone for a few days.

    Have yis never wondered why the big fella always drops you off first in the taxi? It's no the end of the neet that we are away too, it's just the beginning.

    Which reminds me, Spain is calling our friends name again, he shall be away after the Hibs game for some much needed sun. He has left the tin opener on the side, don't be feared, the goats won't eat you, they just might lick you a bit because of the smell.

    Siobhan has instructed the weans on how to waken you with a stick should you fall asleep again listening to her mammy's box set of 'Daniel O'Donnell'. She's coming to the airport with you on Friday, nice of you to offer. Was it the the drink talking ya big oul eejit?

    For the love of all things holy, stay out of the garage, it's not your lawnmower in there, it just looks similar. Don't worry too much about the vomit, JB used the clothes fae your suitcase to get the worst of it up while Paul the plumber added to it after he saw the state of your under crackers after the biryani.

    Give us a shout when they bail you, we'll still be going strong in the Cleddans.

    Slainte wee man!

  3. Jimmy tight? It's not as if he was Scottish or anything!

  4. sav; Ah missus, poor ol' Charlie, A man after my own heart. Much love to Martha. :¬) xoxoxoxox

    Chef; I may be small but I'll always stand tall in the Cleddans! No fear o' that pal. :¬)

    Pat; Mwahahahahah! :¬)


    hope; :¬)