Thursday, 28 June 2012


Know what?
I'm sick to the fucking teeth with this country!
And I'm too old to emigrate to Australia, or Canadia.
Will you take me back Glasgow?


  1. Some people think I'm joking!

    Some people are wrang!

  2. Australia would be happy to have you, we have a big shortage of grumpy old buggers...

  3. I bet our friend would welcome you with open arms:)

  4. I'd tell you about how much we'd love you in Minneapolis, but you'd have to come to the U.s.



  5. And if he came to the U.S., he'd be on the "time share" plan because we'd all want him to live in our cities. :)

    And then Pon would be yelling at us to send him up to Canada for a spell.

    It's not just you, pal. It's politicians. We should send all of THEM somewhere else (why yes, I do have some ideas and no, they are not ladylike) and let us all go back to enjoying the wonders of our own backyards yet again.