Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mrs. Map & Mrs. Mac (About A Ring)

Many moons ago, in a another lifetime, (on a faraway planet?). The Map was bethrothed to another (Not Mrs. Map!). But it was not meant to be, and she did marry another. But, like all good tales, there was a happy ending. For if the one who would not be my missus back then hadn't changed her mind I would never have met my true love.

And today we celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary!

But I did get the ring back. (From the other wan!)

And for reasons I will tell of another day, my dear friend Mrs. Mac has worn that ring on her finger for the past quarter of a century. And I had forgotten about that ring completely until a couple of days ago when I saw her twirling it 'round her finger when I went to visit her in the hospice.

"Look" says she, "I told you I would never take it off"! And we had a good laugh remembering how she came to be the owner!

She was still wearing it last night when I gave her a final kiss as she lay peacefully in her coffin. And as I hugged her two daughters and four sons they each whispered into my ear "She's still got that ring on her finger"!

We will lay her in the ground later on today, and celebrate her life.
On the same day Mrs. Map and myself celebrate the life we have together.
A life we would not have if that ring was still on the finger it was bought for.

Farewell my dear friend.

Annette (Mrs. Map), I love you more each and every day, Happy Anniversary.


  1. Pearl; Nothing to be amazed about here missus. Just life. :¬)


  2. You, dear sir, are a wonderful man. And I'm sure both Mrs. Map and Mrs. Mac agreed on that. How lovely that you found your true love and that Mrs. Mac became keeper of the ring for the one who wasn't. Happy Anniversary to you and Annette, and big warm hugs to you both for the loss of Mrs. Mac. xoxoxo

  3. one day i hope to hear that story over a pint or 2, bubba! happy anniversary to you and the missus! i wish you many happy years together! xoxoxoxo

  4. You are a sweetheart, Mr Maps.

  5. Ah see what you did there Maps - You've got us all hooked to find out the story behind the ring!
    Happy anniversary!

  6. Wow! What a great story! 10,000 congrats to you both. What's the secret, please

    First man to comment. Do I get a prize?

  7. Map - congrats to you and yours, if you listen closely you will hear the sound of the whisky being poured.

    Slàinte mhòr agus a h-uile beannachd duibh.

  8. What a story!
    (Very intrigued as to history of the Ring!)

    My condolences on the loss of your friend ... and CONGRATULATIONS to you & The Mrs.!

    Best wishes to you both, and many more happy, lovely years!

  9. I'll no comment on the passing of Mrs Mac as the internet for me is no a place for words on this subject. I know you'll appreciate my own sentiments.

    As for you's two being wed for 21 years, good on yis. I never thought you'd make it pass the first date.

  10. Happy Anniversary to a couple who are very lucky to have each other!

    (I know, I married one of those kind) ;)

  11. God bless Mrs Mac and God bless you and Mrs Map.
    Tell us the whole story when it's right for you.

  12. another incredibly beautiful mapstory from one truly deserving of a woman such as mrs map - and she of mr map - many congratulations to you both on such a journey - many caring thoughts -

  13. A touching story mappers, have a happy anniversary with many more to come fer yees.

  14. Serendipity works in strange and sometimes wonderful ways... nice thoughts Map