Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bad Daddy!

I am a bad daddy.
I forgot that my baby was being confirmed on the 3rd of March.

(My pal 'Paul the Plumber' says "lets go ta Glasgow on the 2nd of March for the game", booked the flights, tickets, hotel!)

"Aye" says I! (I might even meet a PAL!)

Gonna have to miss the game. (Sadly!)

But my baby comes FIRST!

( (If a lad wants to email a lad!)


  1. You have my address fae the Christmas card, I will keep my eye on the postbox for the unused tickets:)
    Braw dad ye are and all...

  2. smart move, bubba! ;~D xoxoxoxox

  3. sav; Well she IS the last catholic left in the fam! :¬)


  4. gee, was adding a little comment just now and the whole thing disappeared into thin air!

    but never mind - what i was saying is what a dear dad you are! and i'm sure the angelic choir is singing your praises at this very moment! another jewel in your crown, daddydear!

    and so kind of sausage to be standing by, ready to help out in your time of need! ;)

    i know you will be missed by all in glasgow, but there will be more than one night at the game and/or bar with pal, to be sure!


  5. Confirmed! And just the other day she only as high as your knees. Imagine that.

  6. There's chapels in Glasgow...

  7. Family always comes first... I am sure there will be other opportunities to catch a game (and a pint or two with JB) in Glasgow. You're a good da, Map! xoxoxo

  8. Let's get our priorities right pal, Celtic FC first THEN religious shenanigans second. I even cut short my honeymoon for an auld firm game.

    Besides... every priest in both Eire and Glesga will be at the game.

  9. Nah, a bad daddy would have gone anyway...

  10. GYPSYWOMAN; I am hoping so! Have a lovely weekend! :¬)


    UB; I know! My baby is growing up way too fast! I know I'm getting old 'cos I just dropped the middle daughter and her pals to a party in a bar in town! And I'm at home on a Friday night! :¬)

  11. Ryan; I know. Don't think the local bishop wants to travel though! Oh wait, we don't have a bishop right now! Taxi! :¬)

    Pon; Religion eh? Then again 'Fitba' IS the religion in Glesga!

    (Confirmations USED to be on Saturdays, for some reason our one is midweek! :¬)


  12. Jimmy; EVERY priest? I'm kinda glad I'm not goin' now!

    (I'll get you another time ya?) :¬)

    Tempo; True! :¬)

  13. Good daddy. You'll be happy you missed the game. ;)

  14. I know you're sacrificing but she'll remember that...and how MUCH of a sacrifice you were making in her honor.

    You'll be Saint Map at home. ;) What you and JB do together on your own time...I'll just leave to my fertile imagination.

    But I must add, the first term I ever heard concerning your Sports Religion was a "Glasgow Kiss". Oddly, even understanding the term, it still makes me smile.