Saturday, 20 March 2010


the god is dead
long live the god?
FUCK the god!
And fuck YOU
catholic church.
For I make a stand.
And hear me NOW!
Fuck all you priests
who never listened.
And all you 'christian brothers'
who were anything but!
And all those 'sisters' in your black!
Did you ever know?
Of course you did.
I rue the day I was christened!
For it was not by my hand.
I was taken into your life by others.
Who never had a stand.
Remove this sick church from the state.
This state is sick enough.
And I am sick, And full of hate
with your catholic
Is something I can do without!

Bob Dylan Fans? Were they not revolutionaries?

Were they fuck!

Oh yeah, and fuck the pope too!

(I've just re-read this, and it may be the best song i've written!)


  1. she was right then and proven so now. there's power in your lyrics, sugar. xoxoxox

  2. It's never been something I've ever believed in, but I get it , hon, I do. xoxoxoxo

  3. Perhaps you haven't read the morning papers yet. Haven't you heard? The Pope said he's sooooorrrrryy. He feels very, very bad for everyone. So let's just put all this behind us now.

    The church is going to go bankrupt and collapse under the weight of its own hypocrisy.

  4. Good. Perhaps put up an audio clip of the song as well?

  5. It's good to get it out, Mr Maps.

  6. the church is full of too many contradictions to be believable, or so iv always thought. like why does the pope need bullet proof glass?? fuck the lot of the self serving hypocritical bastards......

  7. The church seems to be doing a pretty good job of fucking itself, slowly, with a dildo of thorns.

  8. Well, it's certainly heartfelt. But the church is sustained by people who want to keep believing - although I don't know why - and it depresses me that no matter what happens, people still keep going along with it.

  9. Brother Map,

    You do inspire a man to write. I think for me, I am no longer shocked by the revelations of the actions of men wearing the cloth, perverted as they sometimes are. What I will never become numb to are those young children who've been abused by the wanton sexual desires of an adult.

    I don't know why I see these men as more vile than those who never wear a collar; both are gilty of sexual abuse. As much as I want things in life to be perfect, too often, I'm reminded that we humans have a way of fucking over one another.

    Perhaps it's because of the fuckers, fuck ups and fuck overs that some try to make this world better for others.

    I try to remind myself of this.


  10. There are three things that come to mind, I have settled with two the other I still times of need.

    There is a line in both the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed.... that as it is recited at every service... for many years I flat refused to say the words... and my stomach twisted just hearing them:

    "And I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church."

    But this really only means that Christians are Christians and there is really only ONE Christian Church.... BUT the Pope stuck his head up his ass about 500 years ago and a whole bunch of Christians told the Pope to go fuck himself... and the horse he road in on.

    And at every service those people recite the Nicene Creed, saying a constant prayer for the Pope to take his head out of his ass so that the Christians can unite and again become one.

    Which brings me to point number two, *There will be times when EVIL will head the church.*
    I'm doing this off the top of my head and I think you know I'm no Bible scholar... I've read the passage many times, but can't quote it exactly. This doesn't mean just the Pope... as we all know, evil ministers and church folks are everywhere....

    But, they are NOT the Church...they just work there...

    And last is the black sin, the unforgivable sin.... are priests who harm children worse than the old guy down the street who does the same thing..... Oh yes. The old pervert can be forgiven.... the priest can not... he has committed the black sin, he has lost souls by turning them away from the Church. Hell holds a special place for these monsters.

  11. Either there is a God, or there isn't.

    If there is a God, then either s/he gets involved in human life or s/he doesn't

    If there is a God and s/he doesn't, then religion is pointless

    If there is a God and s/he does then s/he is doing such a crap job s/he is unworthy of worship.

    Nowhere in any of these ideas do I see a need to a) believe, b) pray, or c) expect any intervention.

    Humans will always use whatever political, financial or religious system to help them achieve their own desires. Talk of God, equality or justice are only smokescreens.

  12. I was raised without religion but baptized Catholic by parents who have, long after I left home, returned to the Catholic church.

    In my view, any entity setting itself up as infallible, unquestionable and male-dominated has plenty of room for corruption. Without oversight/transparency, mankind's propensity towards doing for its own kind only -- particularly in the Name of God! -- leads primarily to greed of all kinds.

    Why we cannot agree to be good for good's sake is beyond me. Do we need the threat of hell to keep us good?


  13. On the way home from work I often listen to National Public Radio...who ironically was interviewing an Irish priest. And the priest was angry! Not at God or non-believers but at those who took the faith of youth and abused it. He agreed with the caller who noted, "If someone did this in a child care setting, they'd be in jail." Even inmates won't abide child abusers and met out their own punishment.

    I'll leave it at this: what goes around, comes around. I wouldn't want to be standing near these folks when it comes back around.

  14. Map,
    Speaking as a lapsed Catholic, I'd like to say "I told you so", but that would suggest I knew something was going on a long time ago and of course I didn't. I drifted away as a teen mostly because of the hypocrisy I encountered. Truly, it is hard not to believe the Catholic church has become a haven for pedophiles. "God help us all"!

  15. ~*GASP*~ you said "fuck" and "pope" in the same sentence!!! ;0

  16. Yeah!

    'FUCK' & 'POPE' in the same sentence!

    What are they gonna do?

    Sue me?

  17. Very well said Map.
    You'll know what I'm talking about when I tell you that I spent a couple of years at a CBS in Callan, in the early 80's.
    That Edmund Rice tosser was born there to.
    Even back then there was gossip but it could never go anywhere.
    The Irish church ruled through an iron fist, piece of leather and fear.
    Time to let the bad ones face their real judgment....

  18. I told this to a woman in Dublin, and she agreed: The worst thing that has ever happened to Ireland is the Catholic church yielding its control,power, and fear. Man-made all the way, including the Magdalene Sisters.

    Joni Mitchell does a heart-breaking song called "The Magdalene Laundries".

  19. I see the evils you hate and which I also hate as Shakespeare's 'base contagious clouds' which cover up the beauty of the sun - but I still believe in the beauty of the sun.

  20. Was there ever a God or just a need for men of little power to frighten those who they could.
    I am afraid that I have never been able to comprehend the followers of a sect which has a proclamation of chastity yet dares to preach on how when and why you should or shouldnt indulge in the pleasures of the flesh.
    How the church is one of the richest entities in the world when there is poverty and starvation.
    No, there is no God----cant be---he wouldn't let these perverts run his business