Sunday, 20 September 2009


When I started this load of BOLLIX many months ago I never thought I would take it this far.
But then, I never expected anyone to take notice.
And I never expected to make friends, friends as good as YOU lot.
And YOU have enriched my life.
In SO many ways.
So I thank YOU.
And I send YOU my love.
Because I have come to love YOU all.
And YOU have helped me love myself.
And YOU have helped me grow as a person.



  1. Good for you and congrats on 100. I don't know how people put something out on a daily basis, it a mystery.

  2. Yay! Congratulations on your 100th post. I expect to make that by the end of the year... Good on you, my friend!

    Map, you're such a sweetheart! Love you too, hon... big time. I feel the same as you do about this venue. It has totally blown me out of the water. I never expected to meet as many people as I have or to make as many friends. It's wonderful and I love it.


  3. That’s a beautiful sentiment but I believe I could have lived a full, happy life without the Andrew Gold ear worm. I had to refer back to the Thin Lizzy post to remove it.

  4. Brother Map,

    It is you who've enriched me. Reading your blog has shown me the love of a father, husband and friend. I like seeing the world differently than I previously did; it's a friendlier one.

    I appreciate you brother; congratulations and much thanks.


  5. Congrats, Map!
    it's always a pleasure to visit your blog.

  6. congratulations, sugar! isn't it too delicious for words? i am honored to know y'all and look forward to many, many more celebrations, brother! xoxoxo

  7. Congrats Mapstew, keep the posts coming hon :-)

  8. congats big yin. enjoy yer music and shit. liked the really cheesy song there, if i closed my eyes i could imagine the opening credits to some 80's american sitcom pap!!

  9. Congratulations on your 100th!!! I missed mine completely cos I was having a sulk!

  10. Excellent work getting to the 100th! I'm so glad to have met you here around about the interwebs. You are lovely!

  11. Yay! 100! Many bloggers never last this long.

    100 posts is a marker appreciated by every blogger and is a mystery to those who don't blog :)

  12. This IS what it's all about. Making connections with others that will help us cope with the inexplicable randomness of Life.

    We Cybernauts are extremely fortunate to have ridiculously simplified publishing capabilities and Humans have these amazing overgrown brains that can look well past the written comments and find a real connection.

    These connections are as real, maybe even more real at times, as the ones we have in the rw...although this is easier and you don't need to get dressed or fix your hair.

    Blogito ergo sum
    I blog, therefore I am

  13. @eloh; Ta. I'm not quite daily, but I'll post a few times most weeks, when I gets the urge!

    Pon; Ta you too. You say the nicest things!
    This place never ceases to amaze me!


    UB; Sorry 'bout the worm, my only excuse was the vast quantities of Guinness I had consumed prior to posting!

    U; I sincerely appreciate your words Brother.

    proj; That's a big compliment coming as it is from such a talent as is your good self!


    Sav; Delish it is indeed! Ta love.
    Here's to you (raises Carlsberg Export Lager in air)!


    Jayne; ta. And I will.


    the BDB; Ah, the 'Golden Girls', one of the Ma's favourites! Ta pal.

    Scarlet; You? Sulking?
    Ta Sca!


    Leah; See? There ya go making me blush again!


    Kim; Ta pal. I'm still chuffed that people actually come here!

    (As for you, 730 last time I looked! You will have to get a full-time secretary!)

    Donn; EXACTLY! Very well put Sir!

  14. Geez, 100---you must have a lot to say
    Hey congrats mate, it is a delight to read.
    And you are right---it is a good feeling to have people come along and comment---it can give you a new perspective on life.
    OK, thats the first hundred---get on with the next

  15. O for god's sake shut up, it's your round.

  16. Clyde; Will do. Ta.

    Momo; Sorry kid. Pint?

  17. Good for you! And now that you have us hooked, well you'll just have to keep at it, won't you?

    Thanks for being the smiling face I envision each time I visit here. You're good people, Sir.

  18. hope; Hooked is it? Jaysus but ye're an easy catch! :¬)

    And I do intend to keep at it.

    And I try to smile as much as possible without frightening the local kids and stray dogs!


  19. Hey, congrats on 100. Keep on going!

  20. xl; why thank you. And I will!

    Now, what to put in 'room 101'?

  21. Right back atcha, baby. I love what you say and how you say it.

    And you're quite handsome. For a furriner.




  22. Pearl; There goes the blushing again!



    Emil; Thank you, and welcome.

  23. So have you decided to stop at 100 then?

  24. Kim; It's just that one never really knows what to put in (room) 101.

    (I've been up to my tits rehearsing for the gig on Sat, whilst (I've always liked that word) still gigging with the other band!

    It'll all settle soon.

    (Did ya get yerself a P.A. yet?)


  25. I can't find one that will do it for love rather than money

  26. Good on ya Map. But what's this Thin Lizzy post I keep hearing about? I've read your previous!

  27. It's all about the Benjamins baby.

    Congrats on the 100. I expect we'll be marking it's multiples in due course.

    We'd better be :)