Saturday, 27 March 2010

Yakety Sax

This is what was played as they took our friend Fats coffin out of the church last Monday!

It was his signature piece.

And we all laughed! And clapped! :¬)


  1. now that's the way to go, sugar! the first notes brought a smile to my face! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Probably one of the most easily recognised pieces on the planet. He was in good company my friend, and I'm sure he knew that fact well.

    Pint later?

  3. That would work for me, as well! None of those dreary catlick funeral dirges, please Just have a laugh and spread my ashes in Central Park.

  4. BTW, that original Tricolor flag in the Irish Sale at Bloomsbury Auctions failed to sell. It probably didn't meet the minimum bid requirement, so whoever put it up for auction still owns it. The first edition of Ulysses (est. $50,000-$70,000) also failed to sell. Hard times for collectibles!

  5. What an excellent song, Map! Glad it all brought smiles through the tears.

    @UB: The flag didn't sell because I haven't won the lottery yet... I promised Map that I'd buy it and return it to Ireland when I did... better hurry out and buy that winning ticket then.

  6. What a great way to relieve the tension.

  7. A proper send-off, I suspect. No dirges for me, either.

    (An aside: take a look at my latest post on embedding videos:
    A Useful Tip

  8. Of course to me, that's the theme song to "Benny Hill"...the most politically incorrect show known to mankind. (Mostly for it's treatment of women as playthings...barely clad, playthings). And both Dad and Hubby loved it. :)

    HOWEVER...not only could I see you and your friends laughing in friendship, I could see scantily clad women running on ahead, giggling all the way. Perhaps that would've made Fats smile too. :)

    Yep, I want a good tune to for my send off some day.

  9. As Hope says, Yakety Sax at a funeral evokes the idea of being chased into the afterlife by jiggling women in swimsuits -- and that's not a bad thought.


  10. Jimmy; Isn't it just pal.

    A pint in your company is always an honour pal. (And usually turns into an event!)

    My round?

    UB; I'm with you 100% there pal!

    (You didn't bid?) :¬)

    Pon; How's that lottery workin' out for ya?

    And if ya DO win, that flag ain't the first thing on my list missus! :¬)


    Pat; It was. (I believe it took a while to convince the parish priest to agree, but it was worth the two bottles of Jameson!) :¬)


    Charlie; 'twas a good day my friend!

    (And thanks for the lesson, it's great to learn from someone older!! As opposed to askin' the kids all of the time!) :¬)

    hope; And that's all we could picture also! That's why it was such a fun funeral. I suppose that's what put the 'fun' into 'funeral'! :¬)


    Pearl; Ain't that the truth! :¬)


  11. Okay, so if I do win, what IS the first thing on your list???