Saturday, 11 July 2009

Two men kiss.

So, I was out on the tear with some guys.
And we was having a good time.
Drinkin' and such.
As guys do.
Me, and Pete, and Fats, and Adam.
And the Guinness doth flow.
Oh, merrily on high!
But forsooth, the night doth come, as it do, to an end.
And the merry band of men, must, as is their wont, return to their maidens.
And so a carriage was called.
To take yon merry (nay, VERY merry) men to yon vestibules!
And upon arriving at the first of said abodes,
The eldest of the said merry men (fats) did kisseth yon other fair youth (Pete)
A goodnight kiss, on the lips, no less.
And the Map did find it indeed charming!
For indeed as the Fats was a man of seven decades,
And the Pete was of two score and four,
It was indeed lovely to see a man kiss another man,
His son, goodnight!

My friend and his dad always kiss each other goodnight!

That, in my opinion, is so fuckin' cool!

I never had that chance.

So fuckin' cool!


  1. Very fuckin' cool, Map! I always kissed my mum and my dad. I often kiss my brothers and sisters. We always, always hug.

    Demonstrations of the love we feel for those we care about carry a helluva lot more weight and meaning than those three little words. I don't discount those words at all, but being comfortable enough in your own skin and with others to *show* how you feel is just so much more special.

    Good on them. I wish you'd had that chance. xoxo

  2. I see nothing at all wrang with kissing your oul fellah goodnight. I wish it happened a lot more when I was a bairn, and my da was alive.

  3. we're a really demonstrative family, always kissing and hugging hello/goodbye/g'morning/g'night kind of thing. what can i say, sugar? i live in the south! ;~D xoxox

  4. So true Sav! Yes, one side of my family is much more lovey than the other. As a kid I would giggle because you could leave the room to go to the bathroom and when you returned, get hugged and kissed like you'd been gone a month. :)

    I'm willing to bet Map's daughter loves her Daddy like that.

  5. My 16 year old son still gives me a kiss before he goes to bed. Not when any of his friends are staying over, but hey; I'm cool with that.

  6. My son won't give me a kiss any more, but I have managed to persuade him a hug is still OK as he sees me hug my father every time we meet or part company

  7. Map - I don't hug and kiss my parents so much these days, but maybe I'll do it some more the next time that I see them. You set a good example to follow.

  8. Pon; It must be my age, but I'm at a stage in my life where I do stuff when the feeling is on me, without thinking too much into it. A sort of 'this is me people, take it or leave it'!. And you know, I find more peeps take it rather than leave it! I'm a very hug 'n kiss sorta guy, 'specially with the drink on me!! xxx

    Jimmy; if only we could go back a while eh pal?!

    Sav; I'm with ye there doll! xoxox

    hope; I have three daughters, and I INSIST they all hug and kiss Daddy! Though I rarely have to insist. I'm a very lucky man.

    IB; ain't you a lucky and blessed man. You raised him well!

    Kim; That's cool enough! If our boy had lived he probably would have been like that, or at least that's like I would have imagined it.

    Madame DF; oh kiss 'em! Hug 'em! Have pints, or a glass of wine or whatever with 'em!

    I've learned so much in the past few months!
    'All the cliches'!

  9. Map, showing how you feel, especially when it is good feelings, is always the way to be. I have always been like that. Was raised that way. Can't imagine being any other way. Good on you for picking that up in your 'old age'!!! xoxo

  10. It is very special. I love when I see boys kissing their dads. Sarge and his dad always did, maybe it was a Lebanese thing with them, from that culture.

  11. I kissed me Da good night, but it made no difference, I still turned out bad, no
    Gooooooood! but mad;-)

  12. Leah; very special indeed!

    Momo; Mad Mo? Has a ring to it!

  13. I do that tae ma own son every night. He's a lovely wee elf of thirteen. I havena brought him up to be scared of kissin' his dad. I only wish I coulda had the same relationship wi ma own da.